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The Holidays On Ice Offers mobile ice rinks to match the

location and occasion, no matter where or when. 



The Holidays on Ice is a well thought-out, comprehensive ice skating package that covers everything from A to Z, resulting in the ultimate holiday experience. Renting an ice rink offers both skating lovers and casual visitors the chance to have fun and provides entrepreneurs with exciting opportunities.
The Holidays On Ice Creates exciting venues for the Holidays, Your rented ice rink will be the talk of the town for a long time to come which creates family traditions. Our rink system can be set up almost anywhere: parks, city centers, shopping malls, and stadiums the possibilities are almost endless! 

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Very profitable while having and creating holiday fun and memories

Rapid assembly and disassembly of the rink system

High-quality ice surface at all time groomed by our ice professional resurfacer 

Fully staffed and managed from setup to tear down (call for details)


Production of portable Ice Rink & additional equipment shipping and transportation, installation, ice re-surfacer, chiller,  (optional lighting and sound).


Budget is based on ice surface size: 100ft x 65ft Not included in budget: tax, permits, electricity, water, operations management & staffing


• Ice Mat / Dasher Boards

•Glycol Pump With Glycol

•100 Feet of Glycol Chiller Tubing

•150-200  Ton Chiller

•300  Pairs of Skates Various Sizes

•Skate Sharpener

•Ice Re-Surfacer (Zamboni Style)

•Set up & Tear Down

•Delivery & Pickup of Rink and Equipment Listed

•Skate Ready Ice Rink !!!


Needed from customer not included in proposal:

•Flat Surface containing 3” of sand

•Electrical Power 3 phase 480 volts / 400 to 800amps

•Water supply

•Fork Lift/crane

•Liability Insurance supplied by Holidays On Ice or by customer

•Holidays On Ice can be contracted to perform any/all pre build needs listed above for additional cost.

•Holidays On Ice can be contracted to operate/manage Ice Rink during whole duration of the skate season for a fee to be determined

Materials and Cost

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